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Brief overview: | Amazon Development Center B.V.
May 2022 – Apr 2023
Data Associate

Data Associate at Amazon Data Services, located at the Amazon development center the Hague. Besides the daily tasks expected during the work, I have delivered a lot of extra work, including: internal tools and a toolbox, 'Security concern documents,' manuals, projects, and much more.

More information about these internal projects without the sensitive details can be found here:

DiodeMatrix | ICT & Software
Jan 2018 – Present
Founder & Owner (eenmanszaak)

Skilled in all general basic tasks associated with a (one-person) business:
Small business administration; accounting, taxes, processing purchase/sales invoices, and organization.

From developing software to setting up ICT infrastructures (e.g., for the hotel mentioned below), I've always viewed it as a significant learning journey. No staff, just freelancers on contract when necessary. This involved gaining experience in server/cloud hosting, Apache/NGINX stack setups, M365, Postfix, network equipment from Ubiquiti and Microtik, etc.
Due to cost-saving measures in 2020-2021, transitioned from multiple servers (postfix-mail, CALDAV, Workspace, etc.) to a single internal Microsoft 365 solution alongside the in-house DiodeMatrix cloud ( (instead of e.x Azure).

Zorn Hotel Duinlust | Hotel
Apr 2016 – Aug 2021
Allround employee

Become proficient in nearly all daily tasks associated with a medium/small-sized hotel.

Pre-career work & Experiences
> – 2014

Before high school, I hang around at Selectron ICT & Maptec ICT, where I learned a lot about ICT at a young age. I also earned some money by repairing equipment.

During my high school years, I let these activities fade away...